Realizing digital media workflow solutions

Marin Digital is just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Marin Digital provides consulting services to content creators, CE manufacturers and content distributors for the implementation and delivery of new digital media services. We help fulfill the promise of digital media  to communicate, educate and entertain.

Delivering digital media requires implementing a process with the right combination of workflow, people, tools and technology. Our consulting services are focused on helping your realize the optimum implementation.

Last year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES2015), the focus was on several technologies including robotics, the Internet of Things, health and fitness, UHD 4K, mobile (phones, phablets, watches, and tablets), virtual reality headsets as well as many other exciting developments. We understand the intricacies of this evolving digital playground. This playground is ripe for creating new experiences for your storytelling. Do you have an idea for a new product, service or want to tell a compelling story using these new technologies? Give us a call. We can discuss how to make your vision real.

This website is intended as a guide for new media, providing details on how to implement them, helpful resources, links, opinions, and as an introduction  to Marin Digital’s products and services. In other words, we have or know where/who to find everything you need to be successful in using the new media.Our approach to the use of new media is to be pragmatic, holistic and business-oriented.   Our focus is to taking the concept to an implemented program/product. Chris Armbrust has successfully helped companies define and implement processes for mediums such as CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs and streaming/downloaded video and multimedia experiences.

Even though the new stuff is cool, getting the appropriate advanced features to work effectively in your project takes knowledge and expertise.   We work with you to successfully implement your project’s in a timely manner while coming in on budget.

Contact us today for help with your consumer electronics products and video based project (DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or Mobile Application).